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Collaboration with ImmuvID is completely free of charge for the first two months. As of the third month, a basic license fee will apply. The final license cost will depend on the level of integration with ImmuvID systems. For more detail, please contact us.


ImmuvID guarantees data privacy and security every step of the way. With our Self Sovereign Digital Identity system, the user owns their data and has full control on how it is shared at all times. At control points - the data related to identity and COVID status is read but cannot be stored or shared. The user's movements are not tracked and connections that might jeopardize security, like bluetooth, are not required at all for the platform to function. ImmuvID is fully compliant with the European GDPR directive.

In practice, for a Lab, this means that all users of ImmuvID accept general Terms and Conditions that are fully GDPR compliant. By accepting these terms, the user authorises participating Labs to share certain details related to COVID 19 lab results to be shared with ImmuvID in order to verify COVID testing status.

This authorisation is very specific and will be updated during the course of the pandemic as the testing spectrum expands. Right now, users specifically authorize the sharing of the following data:Name of testing facilityType of test performedDate and time of testResult of test: binary result - positive or negative

Technological requirements of collaboration. 

Collaboration with ImmuvID from a technological perspective is very easy and flexible depending on your preference. There are three basic technological collaboration models available:
No integration: This option allows a Lab to participate without any type of technological integration. The only thing the lab would have to do is send the results of a test to a web interface provided by ImmuvID upon the request of a user.
ImmuvID Verifier APP scan: This option allows the Lab (or authorized Pharmacies or Health Workers) to download the ImmuvID Verifier APP at no cost and to scan a client's ImmuvID QR Code when the samples are taken for testing. When result of a test is negative (either PCR or Antigen), then the scan is logged in the ImmuvID system
Integration with the ImmuvID web service for Labs: If you would like to have a seamless interface that automatically updates the relevant data to our platform, we will provide your IT team with the specifications for our interface - an easy to integrate web service that can be consulted by our platform at any moment.

Types of test results

ImmuvID verifies relevant COVID 19 test results at points of control. ImmuvID does not set the requirements for validity parameters for COVID tests, these are set by governments and private industry. ImmuvID simple confirms validity and status. As you are aware, the COVID 19 testing spectrum is evolving and it is clear that there will be different types of new tests in the near future that are currently not available commercially.

When new tests are approved and become commercially available, all relevant material in ImmuvID is updated. At the time of the writing of this document, the only valid tests included in the ImmuvID program are:

PCR tests, ANTIGEN tests, Blood tests (if specified as entry requirements by certain states)

How does it work?

When an ImmuvID user is verifiedto confirm their identity and COVID 19 status, our platform consults all aforementioned interfaces as well as any relevant logs in our system to confirm that a user has a valid COVID test at the time of the scan. This data is not stored in any database and is merely logged as a control point in our system.When a test result becomes obsolete (PCR - after 5 days, ANTIGEN - after 2 days), users receive a push message to get tested again, are directed to the map in the APP and can then contact your Lab for another test.

What happens next?

You need to read and accept the legal Terms and Conditions of Collaboration with ImmuvID (still under development, but will be very generic and will refer to most of the information contained in this document)Once you have completed the registration process, we will be in contact to talk you through the integration option that best fits your business. Please “COMPLETE REGISTRATION”
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